AH Marketing Group Teams Up with MirroCool, All-in-One Smart Mirror and Personal Assistant

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AH Marketing Group (AHMG), a California-based inbound marketing PR consultant group that brings the power of targeted and creative marketing disciplines to small and medium-sized businesses and startups, today announced it has added to its client roster MirroCool, a San Francisco-based startup.  The AH Marketing Group will develop, manage and execute MirroCool crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The AH Marketing Group will run a PR and Inbound Marketing campaign to surpass MirroCool crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter by integrating social media outreach, social media ads, blogging and media relations in all one cohesive approach.

MirroCool offers a one-of-a-kind smart mirror that functions as a Personal Assistant synced up with your smart device. It comes with a Built-in HD camera programmed to recognize the face of the registered profiles using its proprietary Facial Gestures Recognition (FGR). MirroCool main innovation is an all-in-one Smart Mirror and Personal Assistant, and Home Security system that operates using FGR technology, meaning that with the blink of an eye or a nose twitch, the registered user can activate the device. No need to touch the screen or to train it to recognize your voice.

The AH Marketing Group campaign identifies potential new clients by focusing on specific industries and services. Its crowdfunding branch is growing steadily, and it is now running campaigns from the most important prelaunch phase until its conclusion and its follow-ups. AHMG reached out to MirroCool to represent the startup because of its highly innovative team members and the invention that it created. This smart Mirror was born out of necessity, and those are always the most successful inventions.

Wojtek Kaszycki, CEO of MirroCool told RPRNmag during an interview:

“I was holding my toothbrush in one hand and smartphone in the other,” said Wojtek Kaszycki,” and “trying to check my calendar, without dropping my phone. The solution was standing right in front of me: the mirror.”

“We are an exciting new product in a crowded category, and consumers may not know where to look for our smart mirror. Today’s digital marketing innovations mean we can identify potential new customers in a targeted outreach around the home automation industry. By targeting bloggers and newsmagazine that cover our products,  we can get our message to those consumers,” “We’ve turned to the AH Marketing group for its expertise in creating awareness in new markets, and that does it in a cost-effective manner through an all-inclusive inbound PR and Marketing campaign. We’re looking forward to watching the AH Marketing Group campaign unfold in to bring us the success we wish to achieve on Kickstarter.”


MirroCool Smart Mirror will improve your day by giving you a heads-up of what’s planned ahead while you are going through your morning routine!

MirroCool, an intelligent and unique personal assistant, lets the entire family get ready for the day more efficiently by managing your time and alerting you of upcoming events while you stand in front of the bathroom or hallway mirror.

Facial gestures recognition technology allows this smart mirror to take selfies, protect your home, and to remind you of the most important upcoming tasks for the day.

Say goodbye to annoying touch screens and voice commands and say hello to MirroCool’s face recognition software to give you a leg up to a day successfully managed.


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MirroCool Mission Statement

MirroCool strives to design and manufacture innovative automation technology for the home and business that easily enhance your daily tasks.


AH Marketing Group is a result-oriented full-service group of independent consultants based in the U.S. and Canada that comes together on a case-by-case basis to collaborate on projects. The team consists of exceptional lead strategists, business writers, web designers and marketing innovators that bring life to brands. The team uses the latest Web tools to create, manage and measure clients’ success while employing good, old-fashioned people skills. AH Marketing Group defines and transforms how businesses communicate their marketing and sales message to targeted audiences, whether funneled through website content, an email marketing campaign, advertorials or promotional literature and advertising programs. AH Marketing Group’s approach maximizes and propels a product or service towards sales growth and brand recognition.

By identifying their strengths and helping them build market presence, industry leaders have repeatedly succeeded by partnering with AH Marketing Group. Our clients have been featured in all the critical news outlets, helping them gain credibility, grow their revenues and surpass their crowdfunding goals.

To schedule an interview with MirroCool CEO and to obtain more product information, contact Anne Howard.


Email the AH Marketing Group today. Let’s innovate and make you unforgettable.

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