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The Scope Weekly Celebrates Its One-Month Anniversary :-) and Gets Listed by Google News

One Month Old and the Magazine is Already Listed by Google News! Meet The Scope Weekly, a new magazine for your life. The AH Marketing Group ( my PR group) now counts two magazines and a PR wire in its roster of digital publications. 
The Scope Weekly, a weekly magazine launched in October 2017, is […]

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The Importance of Photography When Selling Clothes Online

When it comes to selling anything online, from gadgets and toys to accessories and everything in between, high-quality product photography is extremely important. After all, without exceptional product photos, how will anyone who is visiting your site and checking out your products know what they will be getting? And how would they be able to […]

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How to Build an Outstanding  Brand Awareness Campaign

The world is awash with millions of different products, which makes standing out in a crowded marketplace a genuine challenge. Big brands such as Apple and Microsoft are household names, but although you may never achieve that level of brand awareness, there is plenty you can do to increase awareness of your brand – and […]

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