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AH Marketing Group Teams Up with MirroCool, All-in-One Smart Mirror and Personal Assistant

MirroCool: Girl putting on Make-Up

AH Marketing Group (AHMG), a California-based inbound marketing PR consultant group that brings the power of targeted and creative marketing disciplines to small and medium-sized businesses and startups, today announced it has added to its client roster MirroCool, a San Francisco-based startup.  The AH Marketing Group will develop, manage and execute MirroCool crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The AH […]

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RPRNmag Newsmagazine Accepting Products Reviews and Feature Crowdfunding Campaigns

What is RPRNmag newsmagazine? RPRN stands for Real, Polished, Researched News. RPRNmag is a business newsmagazine powered by a full-service marketing agency. RPRNmag publishes newsworthy stories in varied formats. On RPRNmag, you’ll find great editorial content published by writers who want to make a name for themselves. Far from being text-only, the news site also features […]

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AH Marketing Group Launches RPRNMag Newsmagazine to Bring Life to Sponsored Content & Business News Stories

front banner of RPRN mag

RushPRNews‘s publishing company recently announced the launch of RPRNmag newsmagazine, a newsmagazine that better responds to entrepreneurs’ need for business news, tips, and trends. Not just a home for published newsworthy articles, the newsmagazine will offer marketing tools and solutions such as access to media lists, detailed metrics and press clippings, advertorials, white label corporate […]

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How to Become a Top Influencer

For months now, perhaps even years, there has been a certain group of website owners and content creators who have been slowly killing off their websites. This group could include you. You may not know you are doing it, but your content could be slowly degrading and cheapening your website, and consequently your company, and […]

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New Blog “Follow Your Bliss” is Captivating Readers; Delves Into Real Issues Affecting Women Today: Addiction, Motherhood, Sex & More

Darrah Belle New Blog “Follow Your Bliss”

— Entertainment journalist turned lifestyle blogger Darrah Le Montre is opening up to her readers at www.darrahdejour.com about intimate issues like no other blogger today. Darrah’s blog, Follow Your Bliss is a female-friendly positive online community for women (but men are welcome too!) covering relevant topics in a non-judgmental way: Love, sex, motherhood, drug addiction, […]

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A Look at Crowdfunding Your B2B business

This article first appeared at StartupCatchup . Is a crowdfunding campaign right for your B2B business? “B2B crowdfunding is the future of innovation”, said Anne Howard, CEO of AH Marketing Group to StartupCatchup and many marketing professionals agree. Though crowdfunding has traditionally been oriented toward B2C, campaigns, B2B companies have recently entered the scene with hopes […]

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