Crowdfunding Pre-campaign Tasks & the Summer Cottage

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As MirroCool approach the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, a kind of jitter and excitement has settled in with the AH Marketing and the MirroCool team. With only a few weeks away from its kickoff, and the anticipation of the upcoming campaign, you could say that the thrill is keeping us on our toes. Even though so much has been done in the past few weeks, still so much remains to be put in place.

Come to think of it, this phase of the campaign reminds me of the excitement I felt as a child at my family home while we were getting ready to pack up the house to head out to the summer cottage. Checking the list of items to be packed, paying the bills in advance, forwarding the mail, alerting the neighbors of our imminent departure, collecting all the family members in one spot to assign each one of us a task to perform to help out with the process. As the youngest, I was responsible for packing the cats food, and putting the furry creatures in the cat box. Then finally the day of departure arrived, and we all piled up in the car, my mother at the wheels, my father soon to follow, and we took off!  It was glorious. A Kickstarter is a bit like that with all its preparation, the great takeoff and the final destination with its promises of good times to come.

With a Kickstarter campaign, there are so many checks and balances to worry about, that the list may seem endless. We wonder if we have generated enough excitement; are our friends and family onboard to back us; are the rewards enticing enough to attract new fans; and will our demo be ready in time to share with others to prove our case! The last one is a big one!

Here are the crowdfunding pre-campaign tasks that we have accomplished so far:

Identify a problem and offer a solution

MirroCool was able to determine a productivity problem and develop a solution: a smart mirror and all-in-one personal assistant that will increase your productivity and free up your hands and your voice for more important tasks.

Let’s all agree on one thing: the reason of creating a new product is to solve a problem and make people’s life better. For a crowdfunded campaign to reach its goal — and for any product launch to be successful — people must believe your story, and they endorse the idea that your product can improve their lives.

“We know that we have a product that will improve our users’ lives but they have to believe it,”Wojtek Kaszycki– Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MirroCool. “It’s important that they trust that the product will work. If they don’t, they won’t back the Kickstarter.”

Our story is being told

The website has finally been complete; the pre-campaign press release has been broadcast, blog posts are published, videos are finalized and viewed on YouTube.

Our story is being shared

Our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) are growing steadily, and our posts are being shared, retweeted and like. Our subscribers’ list has grown steadily every week.

Funding goal is set

The funding goal has been set to $50,000. We decided to start with a lowball figure and climb to the sky.

Backers are updated as our project progresses

We are sending email newsletters, tweeting and using Facebook to update our fans.

Backers have committed

We have secured a significant amount of our funding goal from our friends, family, and business connections and are feeling confident that we can move have ahead.

Now, what’s left? There are many steps and actions that we must set in motion. We are planning a sweepstake for the duration o the campaign. We are finalizing the rewards for the backers and are planning something special for our Early Backers. We are designing much better rewards than a mug or a t-shirt, and if you would like to get some of the goodies, your best bet is to join us.

You could say that we still have a way to go before we reach the family cottage, kick off our shoes and wiggle our toes in the sand but what a fun preparation it is!

Crowdfunding Pre campaign Tasks &  the Summer Cottage
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Crowdfunding Pre campaign Tasks & the Summer Cottage
crowdfunding pre-campaign tasks
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