How to Become a Top Influencer

For months now, perhaps even years, there has been a certain group of website owners and content creators who have been slowly killing off their websites. This group could include you. You may not know you are doing it, but your content could be slowly degrading and cheapening your website, and consequently your company, and it’s brand. You could have the best writers in your field churning out article after article and blog post after blog post, but the slow and silent expiration of your Web presence will continue and on. Why? Because you are not influencing anyone.

Influence has gradually become the Holy Grail of web content. If you can influence readers, you will have readers for life, and that readership will grow quickly and massively. You have influence if what you are writing about is quoted, shared and generally loved. For some people, influence comes naturally. But since we don’t all happen to be Justin Bieber we have to work a little harder to grab a piece of that influence pie. In this article, we will give you a few pointers that should help you develop your influence in your field. It takes time, but put the effort in, and you should find that you begin to be seen as an authority that people can trust. And most importantly, they will read what you write.


Your first step is to check out the sites of your competitors and see what they are giving their readership. You should then be inspired enough to create your spin on their work, and, therefore, create content that is unique and engaging, but also that is interesting readers. Therein begins influence, because you are creating high-quality content that means something to people.


Give them what they want


Then, ensure that your writing is what readers want to read, not what you want to write about. Readers don’t care about your company, believe it or not. They don’t care about your products, at least not until they are ready to buy. They care about your expertise and your knowledge. More specifically, they care about whether or not you can actually help them with a problem they have. So your content has to work towards being an influence by giving concrete and practical advice and insight into the problems the customer have. Nothing else.


Our last piece of advice as regards building up influence is to ensure that you know where you are starting to build influence and know how you are using the places you build on. With your Facebook account and your Twitter feed, don’t invest the biggest amount of time to build up authority, By all means include press release links, because this is short and snappy and news is newsworthy. Your opinions should not be spread about on these platforms willy-nilly, simply because you do not own these platforms. Twitter can shut you down, spread your ideas without letting you know, and so on. True ownership and true influence come from readers getting to you through Twitter and other platforms, and going to your website, which should be the ‘hub’ of your influence. Be careful what you put out there when the platform is not your own.


While it is tempting to treat your website like one big newsroom, sending out missives every minute and hoping to be found, the true way of influence is to spread good ideas, and help people. The influence will follow.


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