AH Marketing Group’s Latest Client Bookmark OS for Smart Bookmarking

Our client Seattle-based Bookmark OS had big news today and we published a press release at RushPRNews.com about it. It’s about to launch Notes creation and Time Filter as new features and is offering a crazy low 1 dollar a month intro-price to all new subscribers until July 1. Bookmark OS is unlike other bookmarking services or plugins that you have used in the past. It addresses the four main pains of existing services: random visual cues, locating previously saved bookmarks, confusing terms and phrases, overwhelming user interface with artificial intelligence.

Hands down it the best bookmarking service on the market! Check the comparative chart that we have created.

Comparative Chart with Other Bookmarking Services.
Comparative Chart with Other Bookmarking Services.


Excerpt from the press release.

Bookmark OS, an ad-free, browser-based bookmarking platform launched in 2016 by Seattle-based developer David Lynam, harnesses Artificial intelligence (AI) to help users more efficiently organize their bookmarks. The web-based platform not only utilizes familiar visual cues for ease-of-use but enhances the user’s experience with advanced customization tools and machine learning. Bookmark OS learns from your activities, enhances your experience by offering folder suggestions, organizing data and improving bookmarking flexibility and the platform usability. Bookmark OS is a responsive website and can be used on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Thomas Craig one out of the thousands of existing users said about Bookmark OS,

Intuitive, and it looks like it is organized so that – unlike Xmarks which is now a value-destroying disaster that makes scrambled eggs out of my bookmarks weekly – it will actually keep things in order since there is some “intelligence” in how it tags and organizes bookmarks.

To read the entire press release, click here.


Watch the video below.

Notes to editors and reporters

If you would like to interview Dave Lynam, the CEO of Bookmark OS or to obtain a press account to test the platform, kindly write me and I will take care of it.

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