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The Scope Weekly Celebrates Its One-Month Anniversary :-) and Gets Listed by Google News

One Month Old and the Magazine is Already Listed by Google News! Meet The Scope Weekly, a new magazine for your life. The AH Marketing Group ( my PR group) now counts two magazines and a PR wire in its roster of digital publications. 
The Scope Weekly, a weekly magazine launched in October 2017, is […]

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Why is Social Media Vital to Your SEO Efforts?

Social Media Vital to Your SEO Efforts

SEO is becoming a much more complicated business than what it used to be. There was a time when concentrating on implementing keywords into content with a certain keyword density percentage was enough to get your foot through the door. But now, search engines base their result pages on complicated algorithms that take more than […]

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How to Become a Top Influencer

For months now, perhaps even years, there has been a certain group of website owners and content creators who have been slowly killing off their websites. This group could include you. You may not know you are doing it, but your content could be slowly degrading and cheapening your website, and consequently your company, and […]

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