How about those cows?Visual cues and finding your voice.

Did you know that cows  have distinguishing voices and, in fact, talk with each other using shouts that are individualized in a similar way to human names?

In 2014, British scientists at University of Nottingham and Queen Mary University, and to the surprise of  many, made that discovery . And even more surprising, a 2006 separate study discovered that cows also have regional accents.  In my opinion, this information is not only surprising but one that may provoke a shift in our perception of cows, who are often mistakenly thought off as stupid. It surely had that impact on a few members of AnneHowardPR’s team. And it got us thinking that if cows are individuals, then we must strive even harder at developing our brand identity and be daring.

And that is what we want to do for you. Make your audience look at your brand with a new understanding and a curious eye, something to be positively remembered for, and with a renewed excitement.

Furthermore, choosing to feature cows on our homepage  has more to do with a strategic than an aesthetic decision. A business website is a breathing living entity that must evolve, change, adapt and I believe, one that needs to be as appropriately close, to the personality of its principals.

The main visual cue is the first thing  the visitor ought to notice but too often goes unnoticed. We have come to accept that the visual cue must be predictably based on a standard of the industry, (yawning). If you present (the expected) to your visitors a skyline or a handshake or a banner screaming “Marketing” “PR”, it will be rapidly forgotten.

You must differentiate from the pack and not spew out the expected.  Visual thinking can be an effective brand-building tool in a number of ways. It is inherently emotional rather than intellectual.

So what is it about the cows?

You will not forget my cows.

Cows are thoughtful, systematically grazing until it is time to move to another spot; they are social and like each others company. Watching them on the video is calming and creates a sensation of peace and trust.

And I hope you will trust us with your marketing and public relations campaign.

Come back next month for another impactful visual cue.

Anne Howard

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