Seven Benefits of Using WordPress When Designing a Company Website

Go WordPress! Simplify Your Tasks.

When creating your company’s website, there are several questions you are going to want to consider before starting, to end up with the best results. These can include, what your website domain will be, what resources will you use to reach your target audience, and whether you be selling anything on the site, among others. When dealing with all of the unknown elements in building your website, you can, at least, keep your mind at peace knowing there is the perfect publishing platform at your disposal: No other publishing platform can assure the ease, quality, and support you need to design the website of your dreams. We at AH Marketing Group highly recommend it, but if that does not convince you, the following seven benefits will.

  1. It is easy to use!

WordPress is truly intuitive and made for everyone. It is so user-friendly that even the technologically illiterate can figure out how to use it, seriously! The “Dashboard” feature of WordPress allows users to create, edit, and delete content and change the appearance of their site in a quick, simple, and streamlined way.


  1. Super fast installation!

Most, if not all, hosting providers allow for “one-click installation” of WordPress for your site! One click is all it takes, and within a few minutes (Enough time to refill your cup of coffee!) you will be up and running.


  1. No confusing HTML!

HTML editing can be the cause of many headaches and stress. Luckily with WordPress, you will never have to worry about doing so because of its self-contained design. That being said, there are options and ways for you to still do so. However, before any HTML editing, it’s recommended that you create what is known as a “baby theme” or duplicate of your current theme in case any errors are made.


  1. Awesome Plugins!

There are thousands upon thousands of nifty plugins available for you to download and use on your website. Whether you want to add a cache to allow visitors to sign up for a newsletter, or if you wish to connect to your company’s social media – you will find a plugin for it, and just about anything else you may want to do!

  1. 100% Customizable Design!

Your company obviously wants to stand out, and you undoubtedly want your website to reflect that. WordPress allows users to customize completely the design and appearance of their site, from tiny details such as the color of a links shadow when the mouse hovers over it, to larger details such as background image sizes. The power is at your fingertips! Get creative!


  1. It’s known for its security!

WordPress has been known to be one of the more secure software packages. So there is very little need to worry about hackers, but, there are added precautions through plugins you can add.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

The most common and worthwhile benefit of WordPress is its ability to be picked up by search engines! This is key to WordPress’ popularity among several Fortune 500 companies and marketing firms. In addition because of the ease of posting updates with WordPress, the more updates your site has the more it will attract Google robots and other search engines like little magnets! There are also several plugins that you can download to further your SEO!


If these seven benefits have not yet convinced you to utilize to design your company’s website, perhaps these two final bits of information will. First, you will not have to deal with any annoying adds once your site is up and running! Second, using’s publishing software is free! So start building your website today and explore all of’s fantastic features!


Important Note:

Do not confuse with is a free blogging site that can be easily confused with, but it does not offer the same benefits, customization, ease, memory, support, nor are you allowed your own specific domain name.



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