How to Subtly Brand your Presentations

When giving a presentation, whether it is for marketing or sales purposes, you want to be able to include as much of your personal brand as possible. But rather than making your presentation entirely about your brand or making people feel as though you are forcing your brand onto them, there are subtle ways to get your branding across. Check out the tips below to get started.

Get Personalised Folders to Hand Out

If you have any materials that you need to hand out, why not put them into folders that you have customised with your branding? Check out companies like for loads of options, and then purchase a bunch that you can use at your next presentation. In this way, people will get the materials that they need to follow along with your presentation, while also being able to take something with them, such as a folder or organiser, that they can use in their office and remember your company by.

Insert Your Logo into Slide Presentations

If you need to create a PowerPoint presentation for any meeting with potential clients, or for purposes of promoting your company at any event, you can simply insert your logo into every slide that you create. Just place it in the corner of each slide, ensuring that it is completely out of the way and only subtly there for people to see.

Add Your Brand’s Colour Scheme to Slide Presentations

To take your branding of your PowerPoint presentation a step further, you can even incorporate colours throughout it that match the colours associated with your brand and logo. This simple tactic could make your audience associate what you are saying with your brand, even if it is not directly related. After all, it is all about getting people to appreciate and recognise your brand on an unconscious level.

Add Your Logo to All Papers that are Handed Out

If you will be handing out a lot of paperwork, such as educational material or promotional materials about your company, make it a point to put your brand on every page as well, just as you added your logo to your PowerPoint slides.

Have Something to Give Away

Another great way to enhance your presentation and connect with your audience is by giving them something useful that they can take home, beyond merely a folder filled with important paperwork or promotional materials about your brand. For example, you can create a branded tote bag, branded pens, or branded USB thumb drives that they can use at home and work. And wherever they take and use these items, they will essentially be advertising your brand for you.

With the above tips in mind, you can enhance any presentation for any purpose with your company’s branding. In this way, the people who are viewing your presentation will get an idea of what your company is all about and you can use the presentation to promote yourself at the same time.


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