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Home Automation in 2017: From Smart Mirror that Knows You To Cost Savings Apps

Home automation is more than a buzz word; it’s a new architectural and real estate reality. Home automation words do not merely encompass the Jetsons crazy, futuristic inventions that render humans working at small tasks unnecessarily. Let’s face we like our technology, and we like to feel like we control it, and not the other way around. View in this contest, it is no wonder that Transparency Market Research projects that home automation will become a $21.6 billion global industry by 2020.

The AH Marketing Group took a look at the latest trends, and where our client MirroCool fits in the picture. 

Imagine a world where your home keeps your kids safer. Your home emails you or sends you a text when your kids get home from school and lets you know in a commanding tone that an individual has left the gate open to the pool. A world where you can go away on vacation at peace because you can check your home’s security cameras via your iPhone, turn on and off your alarm system. A home that lets you save money and water with a multitude of cost-saving functions, such as a mechanism that senses rain is coming and shut off your sprinklers shut, and knows which rooms are empty and powers off the lights, music and turns down the HVAC to that area to save energy.

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Crowdfunding Pre-campaign Tasks & the Summer Cottage

As MirroCool approach the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, a kind of jitter and excitement has settled in with the AH Marketing and the MirroCool team. With only a few weeks away from its kickoff, and the anticipation of the upcoming campaign, you could say that the thrill is keeping us on our toes. Even though so much has been done in the past few weeks, still so much remains to be put in place.

Come to think of it, this phase of the campaign reminds me of the excitement I felt as a child at my family home while we were getting ready to pack up the house to head out to the summer cottage. Checking the list of items to be packed, paying the bills in advance, forwarding the mail, alerting the neighbors of our imminent departure, collecting all the family members in one spot to assign each one of us a task to perform to help out with the process. As the youngest, I was responsible for packing the cats food, and putting the furry creatures in the cat box. Then finally the day of departure arrived, and we all piled up in the car, my mother at the wheels, my father soon to follow, and we took off!  It was glorious. A Kickstarter is a bit like that with all its preparation, the great takeoff and the final destination with its promises of good times to come.

With a Kickstarter campaign, there are so many checks and balances to worry about, that the list may seem endless. We wonder if we have generated enough excitement; are our friends and family onboard to back us; are the rewards enticing enough to attract new fans; and will our demo be ready in time to share with others to prove our case! The last one is a big one!

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Uncensored New Yorkers Meet MirroCool, the Brightest Smart Mirror


As part of our Kickstarter pre-launch campaign, the MirroCool team headed out to New York City and stopped random New Yorkers walking down the street and asked them to view a video of the MirroCool.Their reactions were priceless. These New Yorkers were not paid or remunerated in any fashion or style, and told us – uncensored – exactly what they thought about MirroCool, the way only New Yorkers do! Continue reading Uncensored New Yorkers Meet MirroCool, the Brightest Smart Mirror