Social Media Vital to Your SEO Efforts

Why is Social Media Vital to Your SEO Efforts?

SEO is becoming a much more complicated business than what it used to be. There was a time when concentrating on implementing keywords into content with a certain keyword density percentage was enough to get your foot through the door. But now, search engines base their result pages on complicated algorithms that take more than good quality content to stand out. One thing that many SEO strategists overlook these days is when it comes to having a good social media presence. But, why is it so important not to ignore and what are the benefits?

Multiply Your SEO Efforts

Without a social media presence these days, your SEO efforts aren’t going to be as much of a hit. Google now boosts websites/pages that interact regularly using the most popular social media platforms. Google has realised that websites are concentrating more and more on building backlinks, but are leaving their social media platforms behind. The fact is, if you want to ensure you have a good SEO strategy in place when it comes to building links, you shouldn’t ignore what social media can offer. Not only can social media multiply your SEO efforts, but it can also multiply your efforts to increase organic traffic and this could be the difference between your business becoming a success or a failure.  A good link building company like can help you with this.

Social Signals Isn’t a Myth

Google alone has more than 200 signals in its algorithm code that helps it determine the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for a website/keyword. One of those signals is related to social media, and that means Google is forever monitoring your presence on social media to better get an insight as to whether your website/social media platform offers quality content to your audiences. Think of your Facebook updates with new content on your business page as a human pulse. If Google can’t detect a regular pulse, they’re going to think your social media efforts are dead. So, it’s not all about relying on boosting your link building efforts, it’s also about interacting regularly on social media to show Google you’re still very much alive.

Social Media Gives Your Links Traffic

If you’re taking advantage of guest posting services from time to time, you’ll find links are poor quality unless you’re paying for good quality authority links. Services will do their best to push your anchor texts on sites that don’t have any quality in the search engines. Therefore, your links will just sit there and won’t make an impact on your search engine presence at all. However, social media is now becoming a popular resource for those not only looking to build a quality presence in Google, but also to help expose links immediately with the fans you already have access to.

These days, SEO efforts are becoming just as important with social media in play – so it’s highly important you make the effort when interacting with your audience online. If you overlook social media when it comes to fighting off your competition, you’re going to struggle and your competitors will come out on top.